Mistakes while drawing liquid eyeliner


When it comes to drawing the liquid eyeliner, then one has to be very careful because it is little hard to draw the line perfectly. The one thing you have to look at and that is to do the practice. When you will practice properly, then it will lead to letting you create the perfect eyeliner. Make sure that you will buy the best waterproof liquid eyeliner because it will help in drawing it perfectly.


There are numerous mistakes which an individual commit when they will go to draw the eyeliner. Those mistakes are:-

The gap between lashes and liner

When one tries to apply the eyeliner, then they use to commit this mistake at the first, and that is they create a gap between the liner and the lashes which will look not good. When you will start drawing the eyeliner, then make sure that you will start by touching your lashes which will give a heavy look to your eyes.

The wing goes to low

When you will start drawing the liner then at the time when you will draw the wing, then you will make it lower and thicker which is wrong. When you will go to draw the wing, then you should uplift your wing which will look classy and better.

Setting the eyeliner

When you will go to draw the eyeliner, then you use to forget to set the liner. When you apply the liner, and while opening your eyes it all gets messed up. To prevent from that messing one should set the eyeliner with the translucent powder so that it will look and stay for lasts.

Long wing

When you will go to create the wing, then try to make it little larger. If you will create the wing short,

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